Why Change Up Learning

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Training programs that help staff learn and grow

We offer self-paced and live professional development that provides current and relevant strategies, coupled with four weeks of follow-up tools and reminders.

Learning that cultivates wellness and self care

We recognize educators and youth workers as the heroes they are. We celebrate them, help them care for themselves while caring for young people, and bring joy to the process of growing as a professional. All courses integrate self care practices and connect participants to a broader movement supporting whole child learning and growth.

Research-based training methodology designed to bolster professional habits

We nerded out conducted in-depth research on the science of adult learning and behavior change to design a curriculum methodology that makes skill-building stick.

By addressing both the ability to implement best practices and the motivation to change how they do things, education and youth development professionals will be better prepared to implement what they learn on our platform.

Traditional Professional Development

  • 'One and done' workshops
  • Scheduled trainings in a single location
  • No strategy to strengthen new skills
  • Learning is done with immediate team
  • Automated tracking oManually tracking certificates and required training hoursf certificates and required training hours

Professional Development with Change Up Learning

  • Course + four weeks of follow-up support, resource library, and optional live discussions and coaching
  • On-demand learning – anywhere, anytime
  • Based of psychology of behavior change
  • Opportunities to learn and celebrate wins together across sites
  • Automated tracking of certificates and required training hours

Informed by today’s leading scientists and experts on learning, diversity, equity and inclusion

To create Change Up Learning, we drew from the work of psychologists and learning experts including Dr. BJ Fogg, Dr. Malcolm Knowles, and Dr. Roxana Moreno. We also know that in addition to how we learn, what we learn is just as critical. We use an equity and antiracist lens to develop our content, informed by the work of Ms. Kimberlé Crenshaw, Esq., Dr. Christopher Emdin, Ms. Zaretta Hammond, Dr. Ibram X. Kendi, Michelle Kim, Dr. Tema Okun, Dr. Dena Simmons, and Dr. Beverly Vandiver.

Time-saving tools that track training hours and certificates automatically

In addition to providing quality training and follow-up support aligned to state training requirements, our platform makes it easy to document and generate training reports.

Game-based learning to engage your staff

Our platform makes learning fun with games and prizes that incentivize learning and engaging with new content and tools.

Created with youth development leaders, for youth development leaders

We conducted an in-depth pilot with four of NYC’s premier community-based organizations: New Settlement, NIA Community Services Network, Phipps Neighborhoods, and Police Athletic League. We also read every feedback survey we receive from our trainings from professionals across the country, putting into action suggestions for improvements. And, we’ll continue to refine Change Up Learning with feedback collected from professionals in the field.

Relentlessly passionate about your team’s growth

Change Up Learning is powered by Change Impact’s team of educators, evaluators, program administrators, equity and inclusion facilitators, curriculum specialists, and camp counselors. At Change Impact, team members have dedicated their careers to delivering learning and development that helps create positive outcomes for young people.