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  1. Gifs, memes, avatars, and comics are a fun way to connect with our students and staff digitally. A create-your-own meme activity is something my students and teachers love. We use gifs and avatars in our virtual slides and comic creator apps to help my students express themselves.
    Be mindful not to create a student’s avatar for them. You can not assume to know what a child identifies themselves as and should never place them in categories you assume they should be in.
    Let your students create their own gifs, avatars, and memes to learn more about your student population and the world they live in outside of your classroom.

  2. I used GIF and avatars especially teaching online or on remote learning, my students are excited to see me, and on what avatar and meme I’m going to use on that day. It was more fun. My students are also motivated to show off their own gif and avatar and most especially, their skills and talents.