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Reflection Activity: Navigating Privilege

Therese June 10, 2021

Bearing witness to our own personal privilege is a key first step to helping students examine their beliefs, prejudices, disadvantages, and advantages. Self-Reflection is essential.

Here are steps to assist us in the process:

1) Self-reflect and identify areas in which you do not have privilege and areas in which you do have privilege

2) Avoid the urge to deny your privilege. EVERYONE has some form(s) of privilege.

3) In areas you do have privilege, determine how you will use your privilege to assist others and /or work to change systemic discrimination.

4) Listen to the other person’s story and experiences. Be a ‘witness’ to their truth. Do not try to take over and be their spokesperson or alter their story.

5) Ask learning questions. What do you want or need from me? How can I help build a world in which everyone begins as I did?


To get you on your way with Step #1, let’s participate in a no-judgement activity called Privilege Points. Click on the link below to start.

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