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COVID-19: Impact and Opportunities for Education

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  1. Module 1: Course Overview
    Course Overview
  2. Connecting with Your WHY
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  3. Baseline Knowledge Check
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  4. Module 2: Foundation
    Introduction to COVID-19's 5 Key Impacts on Education
  5. Impact #1: System Disruption
    1 Topic
  6. Impact #2: Digital Divide
    1 Topic
  7. Impact #3: Disconnected Youth
    1 Topic
    1 Check-in
  8. Impact #4: Mental Health Crisis
  9. Impact #5: Academic Learning Loss
  10. A Word on Disproportionate Impact
  11. Module 3: Knowledge
    On the Road to Recovery - Introduction to Strategies to Mitigate the Impacts of COVID-19
  12. Strategy #1: Reopen Schools Safely
    1 Topic
    1 Check-in
  13. Strategy #2: Improve Internet Access and Digital Literacy
  14. Strategy #3: Energize Supportive Relationships with Children
    2 Topics
  15. Strategy #4: Prioritize Students' Well-Being
    2 Topics
  16. Strategy #5: Embrace Whole-Student Education
    2 Topics
    1 Check-in
    Introduction to Opportunities to Recover From Trauma and Reverse Learning Loss
  18. Opportunity #1: Deeper Reflection
  19. Opportunity #2: Deepen Relationships with Students by Having Courageous Conversations
  20. Opportunity #3: Use a Trauma-Informed Approach to Integrate COVID-19 into Curricula
  21. Opportunity #4: Leverage COVID-19 to Create Real Equity in Education
  22. Self-Care and Self-Healing
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  23. Final Knowledge Check
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    Introduction to Goal Setting and Skill Building
  25. Cultural Responsiveness
  26. Tools & Resources
  27. Closing Reflections
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  28. Feedback Survey
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  29. Certificate of Completion
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Strategy #1: Reopen Schools Safely

Therese April 15, 2021

As schools begin to reopen, we are sharing an array of research-based strategies and insights to address each of the COVID-19 Education Impact areas, in support of schools working to:

Ensure physical safety through ventilation, testing, vaccines, contact tracing; and adapting constantly to three interconnected issues of well-being, quality learning and safety and operations.


Why Opening Windows Is a Key to Reopening Schools | NY Times

Information for Schools and Child Care Programs​ | CDC

Vaccinations for Communities | CDC

Community-Based Organizations COVID-19 Vaccine Toolkit | CDC

Contact Tracing in K -12 Schools  | CDC 

Education Reimagined: The Future of Learning | A Position Paper on a Paradigm Shift for Education
Microsoft, UESCO | COVID-19 Global Education Coalition, New Pedagogies for Deep Learning | A Global Partnership

In Perspective | Leading in the ‘new normal’ — A mini-series on school leadership during COVID-19, you’ll find four grab-and-go resources that have been used in our schools to build trust among our teams, in a culture that acknowledges, accepts, and thrives in the absence of consistency.

Click the link below to explore the Return to School Roadmap tool.

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